Colonel Mustard

A new interior scene, this time with a bit of a vintage feel created mainly by the addition of the Cluedo board game. Modelling the cluedo box was perhaps the biggest challenge as I decided to model the folds in the cardboard accurately, rather than relying solely on a normal map. The rest of the scene was fairly straightforward and was mostly built using box-modelling techniques. The curtain was created with a poly-plane and run through a physics simulation to create the folds.
I lit the scene with a late afternoon sky hdri that I made in Vue, applied to a V-Ray Dome light and area lights inside the room for a little bit of additional fill – much the same way that I would have lit the equivalent real-world environment for a photograph. The image was rendered out in one pass with physical depth of field and bokeh and as such, post production was very minimal and comprised only of adding as small amount of chromatic aberration, a slight vignette and some colour correction.